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I'm a single parent on welfare. Where does my child support go?
Before May 1, 2015, if you were divorced or separated and getting income/disability assistance, you had to "assign" your maintenance rights (child support payments) to the Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation.

As of May 1, 2015, you don’t have to assign your maintenance rights to the ministry anymore.

If you are already receiving regular child support payments from your spouse, you don't need to do anything - your income will go up by this amount in September.

If you want the ministry to take your spouse to court to get a child support order, you must: (1) ask the ministry to help you, and (2) volunteer to assign your maintenance rights to the ministry.

Important note:
If you signed an assignment and you want to continue it, you must contact the ministry by June 5, 2015. If you don't call, your assignment automatically ends and they won't help you get child support.

For more information on how to get help from the ministry and volunteer to assign your maintenance rights, 
read this explanation from the Legal Services Society.

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Last reviewed May 2015
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