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Common Questions

I’m worried my friend’s partner may hurt her – how can I help her stay safe?
If your friend is in immediate danger, let her know that she can call the police and the closest community-based victim assistance program right away. She can call VictimLinkBC from the Clicklaw HelpMap to access help from the Victim Service and Violence Against Women Counselling and Outreach programs across B.C.
Planning for safety includes many factors. Here are some good starting points:
  • How can I help my friend? from Battered Women’s Support Services is a pamphlet that describes what you can do to assist a woman who is experiencing violence in her relationship.  
  • Live Safe – End Abuse from Legal Services Society includes tips on creating a safety plan for when your friend is at home, outside the home, and after leaving an abusive relationship.
  • UBC Law Students Legal Advice Program Manual: Victims provides in-depth information about victim assistance and possible criminal and family court protection orders.

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Last reviewed December 2017
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