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I have a BC court order to pay child support. My job now pays me less than I made when the order was made. Can I just pay less based on my new lower salary?

If your court order is for a stated amount of money, you'll need to apply to court to change the amount that you're required to pay. How you change or vary your court order will depend on a few things including:

  • whether you and the other party can agree to the change or variation,
  • the court where your initial order was made: Provincial (Family) or Supreme Court.

If you and the other party agree to the change, you can use the step-by-step guide from the Family Law in BC website to get started:

  • Court Orders has a section on "Change an Order Made in BC". Select Provincial Court or Supreme Court to get to "Change a Family Order if You Both Agree".

If you and the other party cannot agree, then following the same path above, you can use the guide "Change a Family Order if You Can't Both Agree".

More information on varying child support orders is available on JP Boyd on Family Law Wikibook in the chapter "Child Support".

Need more help?

  • Family Justice Centres, from the provincial government, provides assistance with child support issues.
  • BC Family Law Unbundling Roster is a list of family lawyers and paralegals who provide unbundled legal services. This lets you pay for some assistance depending on what help you want & what you can afford.
  • Find more help near you on Clicklaw HelpMap.

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Last reviewed March 2018

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