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Where can I find out about benefits for seniors?

There are government benefits and services to help you when you are a senior (age 60 or older). The resources below will help you understand what is available, whether or not you qualify, how you can apply, and how to deal with a decision you don’t agree with. You may also contact a seniors counselor to help you understand what benefits and services are available to you.

Good starting points include:

  • When I'm 64: Benefits, from People's Law School, provides an overview of benefits available to seniors.
  • When I'm 64: Services, from People's Law School, provides an overview of services available to seniors in the areas of health care, housing, transportation, and recreation, and how to contact them.
  • I Am a Senior in British Columbia, from the federal government site Canada Benefits, has links to information about available benefits.
  • Senior Law and Elder Abuse, from Canadian Bar Association BC Branch, covers old age security and other income assistance available for seniors.

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Last reviewed April 2015

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