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Can I fill in court forms online?

Last reviewed November 2020 by the Clicklaw Editors

Yes. There are fillable PDF versions of the court forms under the rules for Supreme Court cases. The forms can be completed on the computer and saved, printed, or filed electronically. (Note that you will need the free Adobe Reader to use these fillable forms. Also note that some of the forms don't work well in browsers other than Internet Explorer. To work around this, you can save the form to your computer and then open it up from your computer.)

You can access the fillable court forms at:

If you are having problems filling out the PDF forms, see:

Need more help?

  • Amici Curiae has legal forms workshops, where their paralegal volunteers provide free help with completing court forms.
  • Legal Forms & Documents on the Family Law in BC website has a list of people/organizations who can help with filling out court forms for family law cases. Under the section "Filling out court forms", go to "Where can you get help with filling out court forms?"
  • Find more help near you on Clicklaw HelpMap.

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Last reviewed July 2018
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