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I’m being sued in Small Claims court

Last reviewed in April 2023 by the Clicklaw Editors

Small Claims court is designed to be a “do-it-yourself” kind of court, where ordinary people can handle their own cases. Generally speaking, Small Claims court handles cases ranging from $5001 to $35,000. For more information, make sure to read Small Claims cases

Note: The Civil Resolution Tribunal (CRT) can resolve certain small claims disputes, as long as they do not exceed $5,000. For claims over $5,000, use the Small Claims court. If you are thinking about making a CRT claim, you can learn more using the CRT's Solution Explorer for Small Claims matters

If you are being sued in Small Claims court, good starting points include:

  • Replying to a Claim in Small Claims Court, from the Government of BC, covers what is involved if someone is making a claim against you in small claims court.
  • Being Sued in Small Claims Court, from People's Law School, provides an overview of your options.
  • Small Claims BC, from the Justice Education Society, is a website that provides information about what to expect in small claims court. The guide called Reply to a Claim can help you learn more about what steps to take if you are the defendant.

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