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I want to apply for Canadian citizenship

To become a Canadian citizen you must meet certain criteria. For example, you must be able to speak either French or English and have lived in Canada for a specific number of years.

Good starting points include:

  • Citizenship Applications, from Citizenship and Immigration Canada, explains how to apply for Canadian citizenship and how to get a proof of citizenship certificate or card.
  • LSLAP Manual: Citizenship, from the UBC Law Students Legal Advice Program, has information about how to become a Canadian citizen.
  • Canadian Citizenship Practice Test, from the Richmond Public Library, is an online practice test for Canadian citizenship. It has multiple choice questions from the book on which the test is based.
  • The Citizenship Handbook, from BC Civil Liberties Association, can help those who hope to become Canadian citizens understand the special rights and responsibilities of citizenship.

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Last reviewed July 2018
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