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Common Questions

What are the legal protections against pesticides?

There are laws at federal, provincial, and municipal levels that regulate pesticides and their use. Pesticides generally include any substance or device used to kill, get rid of, or keep away pests.

Good starting points to learn about the risks posed by pesticides and what legal protections exist include:

  • Pesticide Use, from provincial government, has a link to information about changes to pesticides regulations that includes fact sheets and guidance documents describing the changes. It also provides information about using pesticides legally and pesticide certification.
  • A Citizen’s Guide to Pesticide Use and the Law in BC, from West Coast Environmental Law, provides detailed information about what pesticides are, how pesticide issues are addressed by the three levels of government, and what legal action can be taken.
  • Pesticides in Your Home, from West Coast Environmental Law, is a booklet that gives practical and legal options for a tenant whose landlord is (or may be) applying pesticides in or near the tenant’s home.
  • Pesticides on the Farm , from West Coast Environmental Law, is a booklet that outlines both legal and non-legal options available to farm workers to ensure that they are protected from pesticide exposure through their work.

Need more help?

  • You could call or email the provincial government's Integrated Pest Management Program with your questions, complaints, or concerns about pesticide use in BC.
  • Environmental Legal Aid, from West Coast Environmental Law, offers free legal advice to help community groups, First Nations and individuals understand their environmental rights.

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Last reviewed October 2018
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