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Where can I find an overview of how the law is different for Aboriginal people?

Aboriginal people live in a unique legal environment - almost every area of the law, from consumer law to family law, is affected by Aboriginal legal issues. Some of the most important features of the legal environment for Aboriginal people are Aboriginal rights, treaty rights, the government’s duties toward them, the Indian Act (the legislation that governs Indian reserves and band governments), and the effects of colonization, including residential schools. The resources below provide information on key differences in the law for Aboriginal people.

  • Aboriginal Law, from the Canadian Bar Association BC Branch, provides an introductory overview.
  • Aboriginal Legal Aid in BC, from the Legal Services Society, is a website for people who self-identify as Aboriginal, and the people who help them. It features up-to-date community information, links to community-based resources, and features Aboriginal publications.

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Last reviewed February 2018
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