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Common Questions

I’m under 18 and in trouble with the law. What are my rights?

Last reviewed in September 2018 by the Clicklaw Editors

The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees basic rights to everyone – including teenagers. The resources below explain your legal rights in various common situations, how criminal law applies to young people, and what to expect in youth court.

Good starting points include:

  • Young People and the Criminal Law, from People's Law School, is a factsheet about your rights if the police stop and question you, if you are arrested, and if you are charged with an offence but not arrested.
  • Youth and Criminal Law, from the Justice Education Society of BC, uses videos to cover youth rights in a range of situations, including: your rights in a car, your locker, parties, at the border, tagging, and more.
  • Youth Justice Court Trials, from People's Law School, discusses what happens in youth court.
  • LSLAP Manual: Youth Justice, from the UBC Law Students' Legal Advice Program, includes an overview of criminal procedure and sentencing of young people.

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