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A woman is being abused by her partner. What legal help can she get?

Last reviewed in January 2017 by the Clicklaw Editors

If a woman is being abused by her partner, the legal help available includes:

  • calling the police
  • talking to a victim services worker
  • contacting a local women's centre, transition house, Aboriginal friendship centre, or immigrant service organization
  • asking for help in making a safety plan
  • getting a court order to keep the abuser away from the woman and her children (a peace bond, protection order, or no-contact order)

Good starting points include:

  • Family Violence, from People's Law School, provides an introduction to the legal options available for those experiencing abuse in a relationship.
  • Live Safe, End Abuse, from Legal Aid BC, has a fact sheet that explains what a safety plan is and how to make one for at home, after leaving an abusive relationship, and your children.
  • For Your Protection: Peace Bonds and Family Law Protection Orders, from the provincial government and Legal Aid BC, explains how and when people can apply for peace bonds and protection orders, and what the differences are between them.

Need more help?

For more information and support, talk to a victim service worker in your community. Call VictimLink BC or use the HelpMap to find a service in your community.

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