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My child was a victim of crime and has to go to court

Last reviewed November 2020 by the Clicklaw Editors

Children of all ages can be called to testify in court.  Court preparation and support services are available and help to lower a child's understandable fears about testifying in a strange and stressful environment.  They also help his/her ability as a witness.

The resources below provide information on the resources available to children and their parents and what happens before, during, and after a child’s testimony in court.

Good starting points include:

Need more help?

  • VictimLinkBC, from the provincial government, provides information and referral services to all victims of crime. It is a toll-free, confidential, multilingual telephone service available across B.C. and the Yukon 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call 1-800-563-0808 to get referred to an office near you.

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