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Courthouse Libraries BC

Courthouse Libraries BC is a non-profit organization providing access to legal information resources and information services to members of the legal community and the public of British Columbia. Courthouse Libraries BC operates Clicklaw as part of its mission to improve access to legal information for the public.

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Legal Help Guide for British Columbians - Personal Planning Problems

This guide offers some first steps and useful resources if you want to get your affairs in order in case you become incapable, or if you want to help a friend or relative manage their affairs.
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Wills and Personal Planning Resources

If you are dealing with: making a will, probate, being an executor, creating a personal planning document like a representation agreement, start your research by accessing these resources and services.
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The New Divorce Act

This page provides a plain language overview of some of the really important changes to the Divorce Act. The amendments will come into effect on 1 July 2020. Topics include parenting after separation, moving away, and ...
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