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AC Friends of Court

Powered by paralegals and assisted by the legal community, Amici Curiae Friendship Society helps British Columbians prepare their legal forms for free.

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Legal Forms Workshops (AC Friends of Court)

Get help with completing legal/court forms in civil & family matters at the Provincial Court of BC, Supreme Court of BC, BC Court of Appeal, Federal Court, and ...

From AC Friends of Court

Battered Women's Support Services (undisclosed location)
Vancouver, BC Vancouver, BC

+ all locations
Tech Check 2.0 (Preparing for a Virtual Court Session)

With virtual sessions becoming a staple service with the courts and tribunals, AC helps British Columbians prepare for their appearance. Use the online form to ...

From AC Friends of Court

Phone/Online only (serving all of BC)
Telephone 778.522.2839
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