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Virtual Indigenous Justice Centre

Virtual Indigenous Justice Centre

The Centre provides no-cost legal services to Indigenous clients living in under-served areas of the province. The VIJC receives requests for legal assistance through a toll-free line which is answered by a trained call-taker. The call-taker, known as a navigator, uses customized software to make a booking with a free lawyer after asking a few questions including the type of issue and the area where the caller lives. For either a “criminal matter” or a “child protection” cases.

Crimes & offences; Family law; Indigenous Peoples
type of service
Legal advice, representation or advocacy; Information or self-help

1-866-786-0081 (toll free)
All of BC
language support
9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday
service restriction
Be Indigenous or self-identify as Indigenous. Have a legal issue that falls under either a “criminal matter” or a “child protection” law type. Have been declined by Legal Aid BC and, to the best of their ability, exhausted all other options for retaining a lawyer. Have access to a phone or be prepared to call in to speak with a lawyer at a preset agreed-upon time.
Last updated January 26, 2022