Native Friendship Centre Legal Advocacy

We provide clear & meaningful information with respect to legal matters and advocacy and support to individuals who are not eligible for legal aid. We assist with appeals and with completing and filing court documents, attend hearings and prepare individuals for tribunals/court, negotiate 3rd party settlements and/or prepare and provide self-help information, conduct legal research and provide appropriate referrals. We also present legal education workshops.

Aboriginal; Abuse & family violence; Consumer; Courts & tribunals; Debt; Employment; Family law; Health; Housing, tenancy & neighbours; Legal help & lawyers; Pensions, benefits & welfare; Personal planning; Privacy & access to information; Rights & citizenship; Victims of crime; Wills & estates
type of service
Legal advice, representation or advocacy; Information or self-help; Counselling or support


Quesnel Native Friendship Centre Quesnel Native Friendship Centre

319 North Fraser Dr., Quesnel, BC V2J 1Y9 319 North Fraser Dr., Quesnel, BC V2J1Y9
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Monday - Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm

Last updated October 20, 2014