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Courthouse Libraries Phone Reference Services

Courthouse Libraries Phone Reference Services

Librarians at the Vancouver Courthouse Library can help you find legal information but cannot offer legal advice or interpret legal material. Legal information services are provided by phone, website or in person via a network of libraries throughout BC. Largest library is in Vancouver but all locations have both print and online resources for use in library. Vancouver & regional libraries provide reference assistance and are open Monday to Friday. Public access is limited in smaller libraries.

Abuse & family violence; Accidents & injuries; Alternatives to court; Business & non-profits; Cars & getting around; Children & teens; Consumer; Courts & tribunals; Crimes & offences; Debt; Employment; Environment; Family law; Health; Housing, tenancy & neighbours; Legal help & lawyers; Media & internet; Pensions, benefits & welfare; Personal planning; Privacy & access to information; Rights & citizenship; Taxes & finances; Victims of crime; Wills & estates
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All of BC
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Covid-19 Notice: Courthouse Libraries BC staff are available online and by phone during business hours Monday to Friday 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM (excluding statutory holidays).
Last updated July 13, 2020