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This site provides information about types of planning, and legal documents such as: representation agreements, enduring powers of attorney, and advance directives. It also provides education on: health care consent, ...
View website from Nidus Personal Planning Resource Centre and Registry

Fact sheets about relationship abuse that explain what abuse is and where people who are being abused can get help. Includes fact sheets about keeping children safe, safety planning, men who are abused, sponsor abuse, ...
View PDF from Legal Services Society

This chapter provides an overview of the ways that criminal law, tort law, and the Family Law Act can address issues of family violence, including through peace bonds and protection orders. It also takes a brief look at ...
View website from John-Paul Boyd

This chapter provides an overview of the ways some laws apply differently to specific communities regarding family law problems. It covers Aboriginals, immigrants, and the LGBT community.
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This video tutorial gives you step-by-step instructions on applying for a record suspension. The videos are organized by chapters, which includes definition of a record suspension, eligibility criteria, the 10 steps to ...
Watch video from Parole Board of Canada

This guide offers some first steps and useful resources if you want to get your affairs in order in case you become incapable, or if you want to help a friend or relative manage their affairs.
View website from Courthouse Libraries BC

This report examines housing issues across independent living, assisted living and residential care. It provides recommendations that are practical, realistic and have the potential to leverage significant change, ...
View PDF from Office of the Seniors Advocate BC

A youth record sets out a young person’s involvement in Canada’s youth justice system. This booklet contains public legal information on frequently asked questions about a youth record, access to and closure of a youth ...
View website from People's Law School

Information related to consumer law and debt in BC. Topics include: Getting a Credit Card, Managing your Debt, Your Credit Rating, Buying Defective Goods and Starting a Business in BC . Do you have more questions: ...
View website from Justice Education Society of BC

A report on Indigenous child welfare submitted to the government of BC by the Special Advisor on Indigenous Children in Care. It identifies the challenges and opportunities present in 10 areas for focused action.
View PDF from First Nations Summit